A spring and fall clean-up is important to maintaining the health and beauty of your landscaping. At the end of winter and the start of fall, maintenance should be done on our yard to keep everything in good condition.

Spring Clean-Up

Winter is over and your landscaping survived, for the most part. It is time to get outside and start cleaning up around your yard to keep it clean, or call Carlson Landscaping and we can handle it for you!

Spring clean-up involves pruning dead branches, picking up leftover leaves from the fall before, cutting back perennials, pulling up any weeds that sprouted early, and laying fertilizer for your grass to get back to its summer health. These tasks, although demanding and time consuming, will help your landscaping thrive throughout the summer.

Fall Clean-Up

Preparing your landscape for winter is just as important as cleaning it up after the fact. Taking care of your yard before the winter hits can help the clean-up in the spring be easier and quicker.

Fall clean-up involves more than raking and disposing of leaves, although that may be the most important part. It also involves pulling weeds, cutting back perennials, mulching with leaf choppings, and some of the spring clean-up tasks as well. These chores will help your landscaping outlive winter, but if you are not prepared to take on these tasks, let Carlson Landscaping help you prepare for the cold months ahead!