Spring is the ideal time to start caring for your lawn in preparation for summer. Getting an early start will help get your lawn looking beautiful and keep your grass healthy. There are processes and procedures to take during each season to get the best out of your grass.

At Carlson Landscaping, we know what it takes to get your lawn looking flawless and lush throughout the summer. Lawn care for the best lawn doesn’t start in summer though—beginning in early spring, or even preparing the fall before, will help you grass growing thick and healthy throughout the summer.

By following these steps per season, your lawn will be thriving all through the summer.


If you decide to plan ahead and give your lawn some care in the fall to help it prepare for the following summer, you only need do a few things. During fall, fertilizing can help your grass store the nutrients needed to flourish when spring comes. It is also a good time to lay some new seed in the dead patches of your lawn. But your main concern during the fall months is picking up the dead leaves that collect all around your lawn. These steps will help your lawn look better than ever when summer finally rolls around.


Preparation is key when it comes to lawn care in the spring. This means doing some maintenance to your lawn mower and cleaning up your yard before you start doing anything else. Get your mower blades sharpened, add fresh gas, and make sure everything’s running smoothly. Replacing lawn mower parts is not a challenging thing, and it could help you lawn mower work even better than the year before. 

Next thing you want to do is clean up your yard. If you didn’t do a decent job at keeping your lawn free of debris during the fall, this task will be a lot more tedious. Even if you did keep up with the leave accumulation, you will still have a bit of cleanup to do once spring hits. Cleaning this up will help your lawn breathe and get the sunlight it needs to start growing again.

Spring is also a great time to start doing all the usual lawn care. This includes: the first cut, fertilizing, aeration, and (if you are truly dedicated) preventative sprays.

Fertilizing is important to keeping your lawn healthy, if winters are extremely cold in your town, fertilize in the fall to help store nutrients over winter. If not, spring is the time to fertilize your grass, during the biggest growth period.

Aerating your lawn allows for water, oxygen, and fertilizer to get to the roots, which will help it get the health kick it needs to thrive throughout the hot summer months. Aeration is not as common as fertilizing but it is just as important to maintaining the healthy look of your lawn. There are several methods that you can take to aerate your lawn, including push carts with spikes, aeration shoes with spikes on the bottom, and even pitchforks. Depending on the size of your yard and the amount of labor you are willing to do, your aeration choice may change.

The last spring task to keep your yard healthy is to spray it for common pests and problems. Spray your grass with herbicides to prevent the growth of weeds and crabgrass. This simple task will have your lawn looking healthy and weed-free.


During the summer, the main things you need to worry about are watering and mowing. Watering too much can cause the roots to grow shallow, but a deep watering will allow for stronger roots. If you are in an area that receives a lot of rain, you will be able to water less, try to note the amount of rain your lawn gets to decide how much you should water it.

When mowing your lawn, you want to be sure of a few things. Do not set your lawn mower to the lowest height; cutting your grass too short may help weeds and disease to spread. Disease could also spread by cutting your lawn when it is wet, so avoid doing this as well.

When mowing your grass, be sure to mow in different directions each time. Do not follow the same pattern—doing so could cause the soil to compact and create ruts, which will lead to an unhealthy lawn and more weeds to show up.

Keeping your lawn free of leaves and debris is a great way to keep your lawn looking healthy and clean. Grass clippings can be used as a natural fertilizer for your lawn but avoid leaving clumps of grass on your lawn.

Following these tips should help your lawn look beautiful and thrive throughout the seasons. If you have any other problems with your lawn that you can’t seem to get rid of, you may have to take a few extra steps.

Carlson Landscaping knows what it takes to have a gorgeous lawn. If you need help keeping your grass healthy, contact us, we can help you and your lawn. For any other landscaping services, check out what we do to see if we can help!