The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, flowers blooming, and trees are growing leaves overnight. All the beautiful signs that spring has finally arrived. No more snow suffocating your grass, no more dead leaves gathered around your bushes, and no more yellow snow staining your backyard.

You live in the type of neighborhood where families compete to have the best landscaping, rather than the flashiest Christmas lights. And now that spring is finally upon us, it is time to get started on your landscaping. But you need something new, glamorous, an outdoor living space that neighbors will jealously gawk at all summer long.

But where do you start? What changes to your already gorgeous yard should you make to make it even better? Carlson Landscaping, the Bucks County landscaping experts, are here to help!


First things first, you need to clean up the mess that fall and winter made of your yard. Once this is done you can start to truly evaluate the look of your yard, getting the creative juices flowing, and gaining inspiration to build something great!


Think about the purpose of your landscaping. Do you want a firepit to roast marshmallows and sing songs around? Do you want a hot tub to relax in after a long day? Do you want the ultimate outdoor hangout? Create an outdoor living room. Add some high-quality and comfortable seating for guests and family to sit around and enjoy. Firepits are always a good idea, whether you build your own and add wood, or get a gas one installed, everyone likes firepits. Throw up a hammock between your large trees for a nice, relaxing reading spot on summer afternoons. Making your outdoor space a great hangout spot is the best way to get people enjoying the outdoors and admiring your landscaping.

Add Color

Create a flower bed and plant flowers. Brighten up your yard with splashes of color from a handful of different flowers. Too much green could give your landscaping a dull look. Everyone likes flowers, too. They are bright, smell good, and if you are lucky, attract hummingbirds!


To win the neighborhood landscaping contest, you need to keep your yard well maintained, allowing for it to look good all summer long. But you may not have time for that. Carlson Landscaping can help you maintain your landscaping, keeping it looking fresh and allowing it to be the outdoor hangout.

Contact Carlson Landscaping to get your landscaping need taken care of! We will help make your yard gorgeous.